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A still from Matkalla, 2022
Eeva-Maria Mutka
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My art

My practice sits on the edges between Theatre, Dance and Visual Art.

My lineage is in the field of new dance and somatic, experimental performance. I have been particularly influenced by Japanese Butoh, Skinner Releasing Technique, Body and Earth somatic movement work - and Buddhist thought & practice. For nearly 20 years I lived on an old farm at the edge of the wild, and I have learnt a lot from the daily encounters with what I call the ‘march of the wild’ – the tension and balance of our effort and nature’s force.


In all my work, be it with the independent choreographers I have collaborated with to create performances, or groups of children, or those who have suffered a stroke….I seek to touch a tender listening through the senses. I encourage and allow a flow of responses and transformation in the body, unhindered by the usual social norms/masks. Images and meanings come up that are pre-verbal and unique to each individual. With somatic embodiment, simple choreographic scores and the philosophy of non-striving, I see a natural grace emerge in people as they move, connecting with their inner life of sensation and imagination. Seeing and being seen empowers us. When we meet ourselves and each other’s worlds with curiosity and humanity, powerful and deeply meaningful images appear.

Movement based
Making work


is a performer, maker and community dance leader currently based in Bristol, UK.She grew up on the Arctic Circle, Finland, but has lived in the UK since the age of 17. She trained initially at London Academy of Movement and Dramatic Art 1989-92, and has since continued her professional development in dance and somatic movement work...


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Below, a small selection of images from my own making work, as well as links to my work as a performer over three decades.

“I want the poem to ask something and, at its best moments, I want the question to remain unanswered.”  ― Mary Oliver, Winter Hours: Prose, Prose Poems, and Poems

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Film, as part of Shimmer -Symudliw
Created & edited by E-M Mutka, ACW funded project 2020
Stills from Matkalla (On The Journey)2022
Multi-award winning Scotty Hardwig dance short, co-created with Olsen & Mutka
Performing images,
with links to films
Screenshot (637).png

Click on image to view this experiential resource. Created by Olsen & McHose, filmed and edited by Scotty Hardwig, performed by many wonderful dance artists and somatic practitioners, including London & penpynfarch filming: Susanna Recchia, Fabiano Culora, Andrea Olsen, Caryn McHose and Eeva-Maria Mutka. 

Community Arts Work

Click on image to view and read more about a Youth Dance film 

A Fragment of Wild/Tameidyn Gwyllt (2021)

made in West Wales over a couple of years, directed by Stirling Steward & Eeva-Maria, and produced by Maynard Abercych 


Click on image to view 

Mary Lovely as a Tree (2016),

a poetic portrait film made by Eeva-Maria & Siri Wigdel, as part of Age Cymru's cARTrefu Performing Arts residency at Awel Tywi, Llandeilo. Mary was 104 then and will be 112 in March 2024,

Wales' oldest person.

E-M's Creative Dance logo, relevant to all ages

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