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She walks this path every day

Eeva-Maria Mutka's Seeds Dispersed project,

funded by Groundwork Pro

- A Work in Progress -

This project

This project has been a great opportunity for me to develop my practice of mark-making and assemblage (of natural objects, sensuous materials, word) as part of me ‘dancing the space’. I'm grateful to have been able to discuss the work and get some feedback from my Project Mentor, sculptor Mandy Lane. She has helped me place my work in a contemporary context beyond the art form of dance.

The short videos on this site are a documentation of my 4-5 week process, sketches and studies that I have created.  The material has all been recorded and put together with very basic equipment and rudimentary technical knowledge by myself, so the digital quality is what it is, for now. There is only rough sound of the environment, for now. Hope you enjoy watching the different scenes and experiments and please send me your responses and any feedback if you feel like it, via Contact. Viewing on desktop is recommended.

The work

I would say the red thread that runs through this project here and all my performance based work is my concern with impermanence, how nothing is fixed, how newness, new resonant images can flower moment to moment, if we pause enough to listen.
I am researching a new way of understanding and experiencing space, form and change. Rather than thinking in a dualist way and fixing on the dancer’s moves/the line drawn in space as the primary focus, I use instinctive physical dialoque with the textural world around me to reveal the indeterminacy of form.
I play with the dynamic of movement and stillness, using body and haphazardly made costume as objects and imbuing natural and cultural objects, loose parts unearthed from the land, with new, unfixed, vivid contextual meaning.   I build and inhabit textural environments and situations mirroring processes of nature including decay and transformation, and perhaps capture some of the inner feelings of aspiration, futility, yearning, loss that we encounter when opening to that indeterminate space.

the project

the project

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